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Last Post 24 Aug 2019 07:49 AM by  Cody Kemper
13U Team Looking for a few young men that will be held to a higher standard of baseball
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New Member

New Member

24 Aug 2019 07:49 AM
    If this is redundant, I apologize.

    My name is Cody, and I'm in need of a few, special, young men, that truly love the game of baseball, and want to play with likeminded teammates. This team is filled with young men that are driven, and want to get better. I will coach the team as best I know how, and I will hold the boys to a higher standard of baseball. Meaning, I understand mistakes happen, but when they do, I expect them to be corrected. Baseball has a lot of unknowns, and the best you can do is prepare for what you can control. That's done through the continuous process of working on fundamentals.

    I will coach this team knowing they are young men, and not adults. There's no possible way they can know a lot about the specifics to this game. That's where I come in. I will fill in what they do not know. We will play baseball on a different level this upcoming season. We are still up for a fall tournament or two, but is up to the parents and how many boys I have. I plan on being a AA team, with a mix of AA/AAA in tournaments. I will not put the boys in over their head. This is a game that I love, but is still just a game.

    Many teams and coaches around here have forgotten that this is a game, and is meant to be fun. I will only have a total of 11 boys, maybe 12. Just depends on what's going on and who wants to play. That will be the team. I wont bring in other kids for 'tryouts' at the end of the season to take your boys place. I will use this team the entire year. In tournaments, I wont bring down AAA players from other teams to play with us. Winning is not the ultimate goal for me. Dont get me wrong, I'm very competitive, but I wont stoop to the level of winning before everything.

    Boys that work hard, and hustle need to apply, and I will see what you got.

    Cody K

    (636) 293-6450
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