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Due to the overwhelming number of non-weather related rescheduling requests CBSA has received in recent years, we have found it necessary to review the existing Rescheduling Policy.  Our rescheduling rules will be more strictly enforced in order to hold teams more accountable towards the schedules they are provided in February. The board recognizes emergencies can happen and we have accounted for such events.

All teams will be given the opportunity to reschedule no more than 2 games at the Spring Managers Meeting in February, IF both managers are present and agree to the changes.  After the February managers meeting, teams will not be allowed the reschedule a game.

If a team has a conflict after the February Managers meeting, the only option will be to post on the CBSA Game Swap message board. 

Game Swap Requests

Managers may post the Date/Time/Field information on our message board as a possible swap date.  When you see an option that works with all parties involved, you may reply to that post.  If all agree, you may email contact the appropriate league scheduler to request your games be swapped. Please note, due to field configurations, games may only be swapped within your respective age levels.

Boys & Girls Training League, Boys & Girls American and Boys Select game swap requests:  Jeremy Maranan  cbsascheduler@yahoo.com

  • Request should be submitted via email and you must copy all 4 managers involved
  • The subject line should include “GAME SWAP – (division) (date) for (date)”   ex.  GAME SWAP – 12U Boys American 5/3 for 5/9
  • Please include the following information in the body of the email: 
  1. both managers names
  2. division
  3. date & time
  4. field

ex.  12U Boys – Smith vs Jones on May 3rd at 6:00pm on E1 swap for  12U Boys – Davis vs King on May 9th at 6:00pm on E3

  • All subsequent rescheduling emails MUST include Jeremy until the process has been completed.  This will establish a trail, thereby providing the proof of communications.
  • You can only switch with a team in the same age group. Ex) 11u can only switch with another 11u team. 


  • Managers will receive an email notification when a game has been rained out. 
  • The home team is responsible for rescheduling the game, only after finding a mutually agreed upon date and time.  The rescheduling process MUST be completed within 7 days from the time of the original notification.


  • If the reschedule process is not completed within 7 days of the original request, a forfeit will be declared against the team whose manager who did not complete the process
  • At that time, a 14-0 score win will be entered for the other team
  • The non-offending team will then be given an opportunity to set-up an exhibition game against another CBSA team OR use the time and space for a team practice.  This usage MUST be reported to Jeremy or Ed within 2 days of the declared forfeit.

(Head Coach Only – Manager Listed on the CBSA website)
*Must be completed EVERY year only by the manager listed on the CBSA website (not assistant managers).

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