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Fall American League
Team Registration Is Closed
2021 Fall League Format 
  • 8-Game Season:  August 21 - October 10, 2021
  • Games played any day of the week:  Monday - Friday (6pm, 7:30pm), Saturday - Sunday (9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm)
  • 12U & 14U divisions will not be scheduled on Sundays to allow participation in Feeder League
  • Game time 1 hr 15 min, with hard stop
  • Managers will be given 12  blackout dates to avoid conflicts
  • No standings will be kept
  • All league games played at Chesterfield
  • $775/Team
Eligibility  (Play 2022 Age Levels)
  • 8U (Machine Pitch) for players born 1/1/13 - 12/31/13
  • 10U for players born 1/1/11 - 12/31/12
  • 12U for players born 1/1/09 - 12/31/10
  • 14U for players born 1/1/07 - 12/31/08
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Spring American League

The American League is for girls ages 8-14. This program is for recreational or competitive recreational players looking to develop good fundamentals.

League Format
  • 12-Game Season:  April 5th - June 30th
  • 2021 Games played: Fridays (6pm, 8pm), Saturdays & Sundays (9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm), Mondays (6pm, 8pm)
  • Game length: 1hr 15 min
  • 8U Machine Pitch
  • All league games will be played at Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex
  • 3 Pre-season practices at Chesterfield; 3 In-season practices for 8U and 10U teams only
2021 Eligibility
CBSA does not allow any player to be on more than one roster, regardless of age, division or league.
  • 8U for players born 1/1/12 - 12/31/12
  • 10U for players born 1/1/10 - 12/31/11
  • 12U for players born 1/1/08 - 12/31/09
  • 14U for players born 1/1/06 - 12/31/07
  • 8U
          East   Club Teams or working to become a Club Team
          West  Recreational teams
  • 10U - 14U
          East  Predominantely 2nd year teams
          West  Predominantely 1st year teams
Guest Player Policy
CBSA will allow guest players for American League teams, provided the following are met:
  • Team must have at least 11 players on Official Roster
  • Team must have 8 or fewer available players (9 for 8U-10U American Softball) to enlist a guest player
Guest Player
  • Must be a currently registered CBSA player in the American League (no Select League players)
  • Cannot be from a division higher
  • Must wear their own team uniform
  • Guest players cannot pitch

* Managers must notify coordinator 24 hours before game.  Not for permission but so coordinator can let the opposing manager know of guest player.

* Umpire and other manager must be made aware of guest player at ground rules.

Registration Dates
2021 Fall Registration
2021 Fall American Softball Team Registration


Team Registration is closed

Players with a team
Register using email invite link from coach

 Player Without a Team
No longer accepting registrations

American League Coordinators

Your Age Group Coordinator is your primary contact for any questions you may have about managing your CBSA team.


Jeanne Andrews

Girls 8U Coordinator

John Reinhardt

Girls 10U Coordinator

Jeanne Andrews

Girls 12U/14U Coordinator

Andy Reynolds


Softball Rule Book (updated 3/31/21)

Softball Rules Grid (updated 3/8/21)

Bat Regulations

  • No drop restrictions
  • Must have 2 ¼” barrel
  • Must meet USA requirements (Rule 3, Section 1) and bear the Official USA/ASA emblem.
  • Baseball bats are not permitted.
  • Non-Approved Bat List