Welcome to the Official website for Chesterfield Baseball & Softball Association (CBSA)

CBSA Board of Directors
Voting Board Members
President Ron Gibbs rgibbs81@yahoo.com
Vice President Stuart Duncan swduncan6@gmail.com
Treasurer Roland Thomas rothomas1600@yahoo.com
Boys Select League Commissioner Steven Malsch smalsch@yahoo.com
Girls Select League Commissioner Ed Hemmann ejhemmann@gmail.com
Boys American League Commissioner Pete Johnston plsrjohnston@sbcglobal.net
Girls American League Commissioner Jeanne Andrews jeannelandrews@gmail.com
Dir. of Ancillary Services/Training Jared Silva jrod1935@hotmail.com
Director of Umpires Tom Martin tmjunior@aol.com
Director of Technology Jeanne Andrews jeannelandrews@gmail.com
Director of Support Services/Training League Jared Silva jrod1935@hotmail.com
Non-Voting Board Members
Registration/Administrator Julie Peterson admin@cbsasports.com
Scheduling/ Administrator Jeremy Maranan cbsascheduler@yahoo.com
Trophy Coordinator Jared Silva jrod1935@hotmail.com
Umpire In Chief Greg Willman sportsnut38@gmail.com
Umpire Scheduler Jeremy Maranan cbsaumpire@yahoo.com
Fall Ball Coordinator Jared Silva jrod1935@hotmail.com
Cardinal Night Coordinator Pete Johnston plsrjohnston@sbcglobal.net
Legal Counsel Don O'Keefe okeefe@pspclaw.com
Fundraising Coordinator Pete Johnston plsrjohnston@sbcglobal.net